Monday, July 6, 2015

3 Google Plus Tools for Crowdfunding Video - Reality Crowd TVReality Crowd TV

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We invite you to join while you watch the latest webinar entitled; 3 Google Plus Tools for Crowdfunding or Otherwise (VICN).
In this demo, the team from Reality Crowd TV will give a demo to the VICN community of three tools that will help them dominate their presence on Google Hangouts.  The three tools are:
*1.  Google Hangouts on Air:*
*2.  Circloscope:*+Circloscope:
*Note* Cy Hossain, Founder & CEO of Crowdcast, will be joining us: Born in a village. Raised in the hood. Educated in New England. Dropped out of USC. CEO of Crowdcast.
*By watching this webinar, you will learn:*
A)  The basics of Google Plus, which include the Stream, Communities, and Hangouts on Air
B)  How to devise a Strategy to use Google Hangouts on Air as your primary content generation platform & influence marketing tool
C)  How to use +Circloscope , an absolutely necessary tool to use to manage your experience on Google Plus
D)  How to use as a way to build your email list of attendees of your Google Hangout on Air events
E).  Practical examples of ways to leverage your Google Hangout Events as content for your website, community building initiatives, list building initiatives, and syndication across social media platforms
*A Message From* +Manolis Sfinarolakis
Greetings Current & Future VICN Members,
I hope this message finds you well.
There are rumors that google plus is a dead platform, a barren wasteland where no one dares enter!  This cannot be further from the truth! Did you know that +RealityCrowdTV and our Incubator owes its very existence to the +Google+ platform?
It’s true, and in this webinar we will teach you the ins and out of Google Plus and share tools to make your daily management of the platform much simpler!  Do not miss out on this and don’t forget, *SHARING IS CARING!*

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