Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Is Equity Crowdfunding The Right Financing Option For Your Business?


Is equity crowdfunding the right financing option for your business? Accessing capital is vital for almost all early-stage businesses and SMEs. Whether funding comes from a bank, venture capital firm, angel investor, or an obnoxiously wealthy uncle, most businesses will have to access capital at a number of stages in their development in order to keep growing and scale to new markets. The issue in the region is that banks aren’t lending to SMEs, angel investing and venture capital are still maturing, and most of us don’t have an obnoxiously wealthy uncle.
So where does that leave you, an entrepreneur, who is about to try and find funding for your growing business? Equity crowdfunding is a financing model that is disrupting the way businesses secure financing. As the name suggests, it allows businesses to raise capital on a web-based platform from “the crowd,” in exchange for equity. Here’s why you should consider equity crowdfunding the next time you go to raise funds:
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