Sunday, October 23, 2016

How to Boost your Crowdfunding Campaign on Twitter

Gain highly targeted and engaged Twitter followers.

By Josef Holm founder of

If you are planning or currently running a crowdfunding campaign, you know that Twitter, the microblogging social network with a reported 316 million active monthly users, is at the heart of most successful crowdfunding social media marketing strategies and is regarded as the best way to engage with supporters in real-time.
twittercrowdbuilderIf your crowdfunding strategy includes social media marketing, you cannot go without Twitter and the sooner you start growing your following the higher your chances of crowdfunding success will be. With the organic reach of Facebook pages dwindling south of 5%, it has become difficult to reach fans on social media without paying Facebook to boost your posts. Let’s assume that your Facebook page has 1000 likes, which means that each posting only reaches 50 people or less without paying up.

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